Sunday, 10 May 2015

OOTD | Boardwalks

Hello everyone!

I am finally back after a month and a half long absence with another post. Since we last spoke I have been incredibly busy, I'll quickly fill you in...

So at Easter I spent the majority of my time doing uni work as I had deadlines at the end of April so my holidays comprised of me taking pictures of chia seeds and ducks for my trend module (don't ask!) and filming my brother at the various gigs we went to for fashion film. My parents and I also took a trip down to the Cotswolds to spend some time with family friends of ours. Us girls also travelled from there to London to see Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House which was one of the most magical things I've ever seen.

Then I returned to Newcastle where I had two manic weeks of deadlines and stressful, crippling late nights. There were a few tears and many last-minute panics but we got through it! I got everything handed in on time thankfully and I was actually really happy with how my work turned out. The feedback from my lecturers sounded promising as well so fingers crossed for good marks!

I had a day to celebrate finishing second year with my flatmates and friends in Newcastle before heading home for two nights when I then set off to London for an industry placement at the Jacques Vert Group. I was there for four days last week helping out with their press event for the new AW15 collections and I had such a good time, the team were lovely and I feel like I learnt a lot so a very big thank you to the JVG team!

On Friday I very slowly began to make my way north as I set off for Bedfordshire to spend a night with my Auntie Jo and Uncle Frank on my way home. We had a lovely evening Friday night and a gorgeous walk and pub lunch Saturday afternoon before I jumped back on a train to head home to Leeds. Then tomorrow I'm back off to Newcastle for a week so as you can probably guess I'm a little exhausted from the rather hectic six weeks I've had!

I am however, finally free from coursework commitments and my summer has already got off to a wonderful start. I'm so excited about all the exciting things I'm going to be doing over the next four months before I start my final year of university. Therefore to get myself back into a blogging routine, today I decided to do an OOTD post as this blog is still relatively young so there's not many on here yet and I wanted an excuse to wear my new dungarees!

An expression of my joy over my new found freedom. In case you weren't already aware, I am completely insane. 

The wonderfully weird dungarees I'm wearing in these pictures I purchased a few weeks ago from Blue Rinse Vintage in Leeds. They had loads of unique denim pieces in there but these were my favourites, much to my despair the ones with the Winnie the Pooh embroidery didn't fit me. I paired my dungarees with a vintage shirt I bought at Newcastle's Small Change Vintage about a year ago and my trusty Converses.

The song this post is named after is by Little May. I discovered it during my final few days of deadlines and it seemed the perfect song to play once I'd finished and I only had the summer before me. Its a wonderfully lovely song and I would definitely suggest you all give it a listen.

Now that I've broken up for the summer, blog posts will be much more frequent and hopefully full of interesting adventures. I hope you all liked this post and I shall see you very soon.


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