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MUSIC REVIEW | Neon Waltz - Bring Me To Light EP

Hello and Happy 2018 to all you lovely people!

Today I'm breaking the radio silence with a burst of novel, British rock music from Scottish sextet Neon Waltz, who will leave a whisper of promise in your ears; this is going to be a good ride.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Ignition Management asking if I could attend the first show of Neon Waltz's UK Tour, (which is now well under way and worth checking out if you're around), in my beloved Newcastle Upon Tyne. Unfortunately, that would be a bit of long commute from the Canadian Rockies where I'm currently residing, so I replied with regret but an interest of working with Neon Waltz on any future projects I could. 

Luckily, the boys were quietly anticipating the release of their new EP - 'Bring Me To Light', which was released today, Friday the 23rd of February, which they kindly granted me early access to. Sufficient to say, I was pretty excited about it. 

Hailing from the remote but beautiful John O'Groats, its astounding to find a band with such an original identity. With a sound reminiscent of their Britpop forefathers, but contemporary and more romantic in sentiment, they're a perfect fit for Ignition Records who I'm sure will nurture them perfectly as they mature and create. It took one listen of 'Dreamers' from their debut album 'Strange Hymns', which they released last August, for me to know that this sapling would bloom into a cool, polished and compelling sound. 

Introductions over, lets get to the review of their newest release; 'Bring Me To Light'.


I'm really impressed with this EP, I think Neon Waltz have turned their humble philosophies into an honest poetry paired with some really interesting musical compositions. 'Bring Me To Light' reflects a story of growing up and moving on; exploring all of the emotions that come with that process, the end of one thing and beginning of another. They have been blessed with the honesty of vision and sentimental touch that is innate to some of the most adored of British rock bands, its a wonderful indication of what they're capable of achieving this year. This EP is really exciting and a clear message from Neon Waltz; this is who we are and you should be ready. 

Track By Track:

Bring Me To Light

A strong opening to the EP; the boys waste no time in telling you that they're ready to leave the familiar and jump into the fog. The title track has a real 'coming of age' feel to it which sets the narrative for the rest of the EP. Its independence, freedom and confidence; the exquisite excitement of   the adventure you've been dreaming of that has finally arrived. The melody holds an integrity others within this category lack, its not one that you'd hear opening a soul-searching indie film, instead the beat quietly motivates the listener while Jordan's endearing vocals float above you. I think this would be a great song to hear live, it has an energy that while you're stood in that crowd, it wakes up that life inside of you that can only be accessed through live music. 

Watch It Fade

This track has a lovely but modest composition, perfectly telling the story that comes with a lack of direction and indecision. It's a plea to a friend, to fight for the sake of yourself and to step into the ring. It's a song of encouragement; the melody stirring in you the determination to get out of your slump. The middle eighth is filled, similarly to Bring Me To Light, with a beautiful guitar instrumental which builds end of the track to a climax, encouraging you and the embers of hope inside your chest.


Liam's keyboard is the star of the show in this one. The simple but rhythmic notes set the tone beautifully for the farewell to those childhood illusions that we all eventually wake up from. The narrative of this EP is one of coming into our own, and as we grow up we realise not everything works out as picturesque as we imagine when we're young. This track is perfectly titled; the lyrics reflecting the humility and intimacy of our romanticised childhoods and what we must do to move on.    The elements of this track are simple and delicate, but as they should be to tell a tale of tragedy. 

Enlightened By A Fall

I love this final track. Only 1 minute and 22 seconds long, its a humble little lullaby which I think really gives the EP a unique and poignant mark. Jordan's four lines of vocals give it a touch very close to poetry, rounding off the EP very gently and peacefully. Its simply quite beautiful and I love it.

'Bring Me To Light' was released today and I'd seriously recommend it. I've really enjoyed listening to it on repeat while writing this post and I'm intrigued to see what's next for Neon Waltz. I love being in Canada but I miss the British music scene, we are truly blessed with some incredible artists, events and venues. I really wish I could have seen Neon Waltz play Think Tank in Newcastle as I've had some great nights there and I'm really interested to see how they'd play live. I hope everyone who attended had an incredible night and I wish Neon Waltz the best of luck with the rest of their tour and with the release of their new EP. I'm definitely going to be keeping a close eye on these guys.

Thank you to everyone for reading and thank you to Ignition Management for getting me involved. I hope you are all keeping well and here's to an exciting year for Neon Waltz and British music.

See you next time,


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