Hello lovelies, and welcome to A Romantic Calamity!

I’m Holly, a 21 year old graduate of Fashion Communication from Northumbria Univeristy, obsessed with music, photography, Dr Martens boots and classical literature.

I live in Leeds and am currently enjoying a little quiet time at home after three very hectic years at university. Since graduating a lot of my close friends and old classmates have been chasing after exciting new lives and careers and are doing incredibly successfully, I couldn’t be prouder of them. I however, decided that I wanted to take a bit of a break and so am currently working in retail with the hope of moving to Canada in September for maybe a year or two.

I cannot deny that whilst I was studying my documentation on this blog was sparse to say the least. That however I hope to change; part of the reason I wanted to take things a little more quietly for a while, was to have the time I haven’t had to enjoy some of the things that I love the most, such as blogging. This is now my only channel of work relating to photography and journalism, which I intend to practise much more frequently. 

When I conceived this blog, from the decline of my previous one, I had intended it to be a fashion and lifestyle blog. Since then, it has rather evolved much in line with whatever subject seems to be dwelling on my mind at the time. I don’t pretend to have an overarching classification for A Romantic Calamity; it is simply whatever I wish it to be, which feels much more integral and interesting to me and hopefully to you, the reader.

I enjoy mostly writing about music; in an unexpected turn of events some people think I’m rather good at it and have invited me to gigs and to work on projects with them for which I’m humbled. I also write mostly about my (far-between) adventures, alongside the odd OOTD, vehement rant and lord knows what else in the future. I can’t and refuse to classify this blog with any theme other than myself; it is simply what I choose it to be. If you’re ok with that then we’ll have some fun.

To give you some context, I’m an alternative rock/indie fan with tastes ranging from all the contemporary classics such as Paramore, All Time Low and Fall Out Boy to all sorts of odd ends including Lily and Madeleine, Dry The River and PVRIS. As above mentioned, I love photography of all descriptions. Once again I can’t and won’t classify myself, not because I am indecisive but because lots of things interest me. I’m also a bit a of a fitness freak, book worm and feminist.

I promise you my intention was to clarify but I think the end result of this page came out slightly more confusing, which actually should work in your favour, as this will be a mixed bag of a blog. I hope that you like it.

Happy reading, and thank you,


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