Friday, 7 October 2016

GIG PREVIEW | VANT - The Cluny, Newcastle 12/11/16 | Dr Martens #STSTOUR16

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had glorious summers!

I have something incredibly exciting to tell you all today, something that I'm incredibly proud to be involved in. This autumn, Dr Martens' invincible STAND FOR SOMETHING tour is returning to the UK. Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, because this is going to be something else.

Photo Credit: Curtesy of Dr Martens

Music has been intertwined in the Dr Martens identity since their conception in 1960; the classic workman's boots were adopted by nearly every rebellious youth tribe of the late 20th century, music was a as much a form of self expression as their distinctive aesthetics. Whether it was the skinheads or the 90s grunge kids, each of these alternative subcultures all stood for something, either collectively or individually. That's what Dr Martens is; its a movement that transcends generations and individuals.

The STAND FOR SOMETHING tour has provided some of the most deserving, unique musicians an incredible platform over the last few years to show the world what they stand for. Last year the tour featured Scottish heartthrobs Twin Atlantic, broody Lonely The Brave as well as Dutch Uncles, Palma Violets, Bury Tomorrow and The Wytches. 

The tour this year fits perfectly in conjunction with the release of Dr Martens' next generation of classic footwear, the #DMsLITE; a contemporary spin on the iconic 1460 boot with a third less weight than the original, ready for a diverse 21st century audience. 

Photo Credit: Curtesy of

This year the set list is fully loaded with a variety of the most unapologetic and formidable forces in emerging music today. Three artists have already been announced, with supports yet to be confirmed and a secret London headliner yet to be revealed, let me introduce you to the burning stars of 2016's STAND FOR SOMETHING tour. 

Kicking off the tour in Liverpool in only a few weeks time, one of the most compelling electro duos in recent years, Formation will be bringing a set full of contagious and chill-inducing melodies. Set to give the male dominated grime scene a real run for their money, fierce femme fatale Paigey Cakey will be treating Birmingham to her unmistakable sound on the 29th. 

And finally onto the special feature for today's post, the attitude-filled VANT, who are explosively redefining the standards for modern rock music will be tearing down the roof of The Cluny in Newcastle this November. I'm thrilled to say that I'll be attending and will return to A Romantic Calamity with a review for you all, one that I can only hope will do justice by the band. 

Photo credit: Curtesy of The Zeitgeist Agency

I've been following VANT for about 7 months which isn't too long but this love runs deep; the second I heard 'Parking Lot' that was it, sold. I've felt recently that I've been craving a fresh, heavy bit of British rock in my life and VANT have definitely curbed my hunger. I know that the likes of You Me At Six and Twin Atlantic will always be there, but there's something about VANT; they're invigorating. 

Each song is anthem that can transport you and pulls you on your feet to dance, everyone needs songs they can sing along to and every VANT song is a song you can that you can do just that with. I've heard great things about them when they play live and I am honestly so excited to see at The Cluny. It's the perfect venue for them too, it was one of my favourite places in Newcastle when I was at university and I've had some great nights there. The performance rooms are quirky and can hold a lot of energy if the crowd is right, I have no doubt VANT will attract an amazing crowd. Located just out of town in electric Ouseburn, it's the perfect location for Dr Martens' STAND FOR SOMETHING tour; homely, well-loved and unforgettable. 

VANT released a new EP in August, titled 'KARMA SEEKER' after their seductive new single, however they're also releasing a new track on Monday 10th October titled 'Peace and Love' which they completed following the horrifying attacks in Paris. I'm intrigued to hear the lyrics on this one, especially as on their Facebook page they noted how hollow they felt those words and the phrases' meaning have become. 

So, after all my fan-girling, I hope to see many of you at The Cluny on November 12th when VANT will deliver a show that I have no doubt will be one the best you've ever seen. I honestly can't wait. 

I'll leave all the tour dates and locations for the #STST0UR16 at the end of this post as well as all of VANT's links. I've hope you've enjoyed it and keep an ear out for what these formidable headliners will do next, it's going to be really interesting. 

As always guys I'll see you soon, I've just returned from an absolutely soul-enriching two weeks in Alberta, Canada and I have a vast multitude of pictures to share with you. It might take a few posts to show them all however, I had just cause to take a bucket tonne of photographs. I hope you all enjoy your weekends! 


Dr Martens #STSTOUR16 Dates/Locations/Headliners:

15th October: Liverpool: The Scandi Church - Formation
29th October: Birmingham: The Rainbow Courtyard - Paigey Cakey
12th November: Newcastle: The Cluny - VANT
26th November: London - TBA


KARMA SEEKER - EP out now!
'War and Peace' - Single out Monday 10th October