Thursday, 30 July 2015

Why We Love Newquay

Hello everyone! Long time no see (again!).

Today I'm finally going to share the first set of pictures with you all from my family's holiday to Cornwall. This post is a collection of pictures from our first full day on holiday, and I haven't edited any of them because I want you all to see how naturally gorgeous it is, enjoy!

My Mum, Dad, brother and I absolutely adore Cornwall and we have a special soft spot in our hearts for the town of Newquay, the UK's surfing capital. Its the most adorable town and the coast line is simply stunning, we've had some wonderful holidays there in the past and this year was the best of them all.

We travelled down to Cornwall bright and early on a Saturday morning, 8am to be exact! It takes about seven or eight hours to drive down to Cornwall from Bradford but we stopped off for lunch with family friends for a few hours at their home in the Cotswolds. We finally arrived in Newquay about 7pm so we dumped the bags, quickly got changed then headed out into town for some dinner at Belushi's where we all scoffed down some burgers before heading home and collapsing.

The next day (Sunday) we had no specific plans and so lazily emerged from bed and had a chance to properly take in our surroundings. The apartment we were staying in was located near the end of the headland looking out over Fistral Beach which is the UK's best surfing beach and the location for international surfing competitions. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to wake up and walk straight out onto a balcony over looking such a beautiful piece of English coastline.

On reflection we definitely should not have stayed at so picturesque a location, it made it almost impossible for Mum and I to leave a week later and I was seriously considering packing in uni, buying a surf board and moving to Newquay!

After a relaxed breakfast and the family food shop, we headed into town to see how it had changed since our last visit. Our apartment, although the location was perfect for the view, was on the wrong side of the beach for getting into town. Such a shame that we should have to walk across the beach!


Apparently Dad made a funny!

This is The Headland Hotel, I've never been in it but I can only imagine the views are stunning!

This was genius. As a fashion student who is constantly learning about PR and installations and brand identity, this was a very good move by Havaianas'. Well played guys.

Once you get into the town centre, Newquay is filled with shops selling/renting surf boards and wetsuits, surfing apparel, fudge, pasties, cafes as well as a number of lovely pubs and bars. There's also a million different surf schools so chose wisely. Newquay has a lovely buzz about it and there's always the smell of the sea to make the atmosphere even more delightful.

This is the main town beach on the sheltered part of the headland so the waves aren't as good, but its a really nice place to spend the day if you're after something a little more family friendly and relaxed. Will and I had surf lessons here a few years ago with our sister Emma, we used the surf school at Belushi's and they were a great team. It was really good fun but this year we wanted more of a challenge so moved to Fistral instead.

This house baffles me every time we come to Newquay. You won't be able to see very well in this photograph, but the house closest to us on the cliff is actually on a piece of cliff completely cut off from the rest of it. The two white arches are the two ends of the bridge that connects this house to the rest of the cliff top. Why someone thought that was a good idea I have not a clue!

This restaurant sits on the edge of the harbour. We walked across the sand here at low tide, I can only imagine how lovely it is in the evening to sit and eat a meal when the tide is in and be level with the water and the boats.

After returning to the apartment, we had a few hours to relax and read our books before we headed to Newquay train station to pick up one of my best friends, Katie, who was joining us for the week. She'd been at her Auntie's for a week in Wales and had travelled via five trains and replacement bus service for around 10 hours to get to us! She finally got to Newquay at about eight o'clock so we drove straight back to Fistral beach and had dinner at Rick Stein's new fish and chip restaurant.

I had the chilli fish burger and chips, I'd definitely recommend it was delicious!

As we'd driven to the train station and were on the town side of the beach, one of us had to drive home. As Katie had never been to Cornwall before, Will and I decided on her first night she had to go for a walk on the beach, especially as it was such a beautiful evening. So Mum and Dad drove the car back and we walked across the beach to get back to the other side of the headland.

It was one of the most beautiful evenings we had whilst we were there and camera in hand, I of course took far more pictures than I could ever need! I can't decide which are my favourites either so I'll just show you a few!


I'd like to remind you that I have not edited any of these pictures, Cornwall is just that beautiful. I can sometimes be a little reluctant to say to people that I'm going to Cornwall for my summer holidays. I feel like they think its not very special or that because we're going on holiday in England we're trying to save money or any other irrelevant reason. It kind of belittles how much I look forward to it but I don't think people realise how gorgeous it is down there or how much we love going.

To my family, a week in Cornwall is just as much of a treat and is just as special as if we had been to Barbados for a week. We love being by the sea and although it might be a bit gloomy one day, the rest of the time the weather will be just perfect. We all (minus Dad) had surfing lessons during the week and it was so much fun, I can't think of anything I'd rather do on holiday. The waves on Fistral beach were so much better than at the town beach and Will and I were actually pretty good at it by the time we left. Cornwall inspired me so much in the most humbling ways and I couldn't have asked for a better holiday.

These are only the pictures from our first day there, as I'm sure you've guessed there are many more to come! I've been looking through all of our holiday snaps and I don't think I actually want to edit any of them, they all look simply wonderful by themselves and I want you all to see how breath-taking it is in Cornwall.

Until next time...