Sunday, 31 January 2016

Music Review | Pillow - Colour Of Spring

Hello everyone!

Its been a while! I hope your new years have all kicked off to a wonderful start. 

I know I’ve taken a rather long leave of absence from this blog but last semester was just too incredibly stressful and hectic which unfortunately meant that blogging had to move down on my list of priorities. 

I won’t try to catch you up with everything from the last four months as we would literally be here all day. Sufficient to say, I’ve been so close to crumbling under the weight of my work, have somehow come out of the other side of it with good marks and have had some of the most wonderful times of my life celebrating my best friends’ 21sts and a delightful Christmas. 

But I’m back today with A Romantic Calamity first! 

Since my blog was nominated for a NE Bloggers award, I’ve had a quite a few people emailing me about events or reviews that they’d like me to post about on my blog. Although this is incredibly flattering, I’ve been a little hesitant to accept some of them. 

Without going into the whole politics of bloggers being paid to advertise things on their blogs and how genuine they all are, I don’t write this blog for the purposes of becoming famous for it. I write about things on here that genuinely interest me and I want my blog to have integrity. Therefore on this blog I will only write or post about people/brands/events that I have a genuine interest in and that I think are worth saying something about.

So finally, I’m getting to the point of today’s blog post; here is A Romantic Calamity’s first ever single review! A few weeks ago I was approached by a band from Leeds called Colour Of Spring, asking me to review their new single ‘Pillow’. Before I could agree to reviewing the single, I had to check them out as I would not be comfortable writing about something that I don’t appreciate. Luckily, Colour Of Spring are amazing, so I was more than happy to review them. So here is my review of their wonderful new single Pillow:

I’m one of those people who, no matter what emotion they’re feeling, has to find a song that translates it, otherwise I won’t be able to process that emotion properly and it will just hang over my head until I do. I have to do it for everything, if I’m pissed off or have a case of the mean reds, I need to find a song that mirrors it almost instantly. I cease to function otherwise, its a pursuit that can take weeks if I’m feeling particularly complicated or picky. 

I do the exact same with what I’m doing; for example if I’m travelling somewhere then I need to find a song that reflects that pastoral side of myself. I even tailor my gym playlist around the emotions I want to feel when I’m there. Its full of angry, break up songs and melodies about empowerment to build me up for a hard workout, testing and pushing my body.

So when I first heard Colour Of Spring’s new single ‘Pillow’ I, naturally, had to picture when and where I will play this song corresponding to my mood. After debating between road tripping across the southern American states and tumbling through a meadow on a summer’s day, both of which seemed far too mediocrely indie for such a warming song, I finally settled on an answer. 

The setting was a much more humble circumstance, one I’m sure we can all relate to. The perfect occasion to play Pillow, is on those purely blissful mornings when we are gently awoken by the warmth of the sun creeping through our curtains. On those days when nothing of consequence demands our attention and we are mercifully left to our own leisure. 

The introductory notes build steadily as our eyes open and take in our reassuringly, familiar surroundings. Nothing compares to the comfort of our own space, except maybe the melodies Colour Of Spring have forged through their instruments. The soothing but encouraging vocals will breathe life back into your previously slumbering body, coaxing you out of bed towards the window, following the sun as if you could taste it. It is a song for broody, stirring, quiet days which belong only ourselves; ones filled with lemon and ginger tea, hand written letters and casual bed hair. 

I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about music or the definitions of music genres, but I do know when to play the perfect song. Colour Of Spring were a unexpected but welcome break after I’d been listening pretty religiously to We Are The Ocean and Bring Me The Horizon over Christmas, who I’ve now fallen in love with. I haven’t heard anything similar to Colour Of Spring in a while and although this feeling may be a little premature, given the current Antarctic conditions in Newcastle, they are definitely getting me in the mood for a summer of freedom. 

Pillow is only Colour Of Spring’s third single to be released and I’m very excited about hearing what else they have in store for 2016. I’ll be reviewing a gig they’re playing in Leeds on the 19th of February at Wharf Chambers as part of their Pillow February tour so stay tuned for that or I might even see you there! I’ve added links to all of their social media and website at the end of this post so be sure to go check them out as they’re definitely worth a listen.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and look after yourselves.

Speak soon,


Colour Of Spring: