Sunday, 31 May 2015

OOTD | Old Scars/Future Hearts

Hello everyone! How are we all?

I am writing this from London today! I have arrived in the capitol for two weeks for work experience and am already having an amazing time. Luckily two of my best friends off my course are here on placement as well so last night I met Harriet for food in Covent Garden and then today I explored Shoreditch with Hannah. I've got some pictures from today to share with you all but I haven't had time to edit them yet. So instead, here are some I took in Newcastle a few weeks ago...

These lovely pictures were taken by my very good friend Hannah of Trust In Vogue. This outfit is pretty simple but I think it still expresses my character quite well. I was wearing my leather jacket as well for some of these pictures but unfortunately all the images of me wearing it are really really dark and even with Photoshop none of the pictures match and as a photograph snob I can't have the in the same blog post together! Judge me all you will but photography is my life and images have to flow! More evidence to support the case that I am truly insane.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Don't ask what I'm doing in this last picture. I honestly can't remember and don't care for the reason but I felt it summed up the silly mood Hannah and I were in that day. Again a big thank you to Hannah for taking these pictures, if you'd like to check out her blog you can click here.

So for my outfit. The jeans I'm wearing I bought from Zara back in February and the tassel-covered top that I'm wearing I got in Urban Outfitters in January for £5 in the sale, not bad at all! I've paired them with my black converses (obviously, cause I definitely don't wear them with everything!) and a selection of jewellery bits but I have no idea where half of them came from! My ring is Topshop, the bracelet with the hamsa charm I bought at a vintage fair and the others I was given a few years ago.

The song this post is titled with is one of my favourites off All Time Low's new album Future Hearts. All Time Low are my favourite band ever, and that's really saying something for me as there are so many bands that I simply adore. All Time Low have written more of my favourite songs than anyone else and their songs will often bring me to tears.

They released their new album in April but before hand did a small signing tour in the UK and I was lucky enough to go to the one in Newcastle and meet them all! They played a small acoustic set in HMV and then signed slip cases for the new album and seeing them play live and so close was amazing. They sung beautifully and were their usual hilarious selves. Meeting them is up there as one of the best moments of my life and I feel so blessed to have been able to go. When they finally released their new album last month its safe to say I was a little more than excited. All the songs on the album are fantastic and I've still got it on constant repeat so I thought I had better pay tribute to it in a blog post.

I hope you all liked this post and if you've got ATL's new record what's your favourite song? I hope if any of you are currently going through exams they are going well and I wish you the best of luck.

I'll see you all soon.


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