Monday, 30 March 2015

Picnic with Emma in Jesmond Dene

Hello my darlings, I hope you're all looking after yourselves.

A few weeks ago my best friend in the entire world, Emma, came up to see me in Newcastle. I have known Emma since I was a baby and our family's have practically raised each others children. I don't even consider her a friend anymore she is just my sister. She has an older sister, Amy, who I love just as much and again consider to be my sibling, the same as they class my brother, Will, as theirs.

Emma's currently studying Adventure Media at Cumbria University in Carlisle but caught the train across to stay with me from Saturday to Monday. As she arrived late Saturday night and I wasn't feeling well we had a cosy night in but on Sunday we decided to take a walk in Jesmond Dene with a picnic.

Jesmond Dene is sort of like a big park near Newcastle centre, Jesmond's a really nice residential area near the centre of town and the Dene is surprisingly big and lovely for a moments quiet reflection. I'm from the countryside and one of the things I miss the most about home is the abundance of trees and green spaces. I love living in the city but sometimes I get bored of all the concrete so I am always up for a walk.

I decided to take my camera along because well, its me I take it everywhere! and here are my snaps, enjoy!

These trees drowning in shoes are in Armstrong park in Heaton and I have absolutely no idea why or how those shoes are there! Its quite beautiful and yet a little spooky.

Jesmond Dene

My outfit of the day:

The best picnic ever; baguettes, apples, juice and of course a chocolate orange!

It was such a lovely day for a walk with a shining sun and blue skies, ah it was heaven! I hadn't seen Emma since New Years so we were well overdue a catch up and it was really refreshing having a weekend together.

I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures, if any of you are also studying in Newcastle and want some greenery get yourselves to Jesmond because it really is gorgeous.

Enjoy your weeks everyone and I shall see you ever so soon.


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