Wednesday, 19 August 2015

OOTD | Cinderblock Garden

Hello everyone, how are your summers all going?

I know a few of you are probably getting bored of me talking about Cornwall still, but to be perfectly honest I don't care! It was too wonderful and too beautiful for me not to want to share it and wish I was still there.

This outfit that I'm sharing with you today, a few of you may recognise from a post on A Freak Of Fashion I wrote last year, but I love it and I feel so myself in it that I always return to it.

I wore this outfit on the day that the pictures in my last post were taken when we went to Plymouth and Looe. These pictures were taken once we returned to Newquay and as the sunset was so beautiful that night Katie and I went for a walk along Fistral Beach and took these pictures.

These are absolutely stunning so thank you and well done to Katie for taking them! I'm sorry there are so many but it was impossible to choose a few favourites. I haven't edited any of these because I wanted you all to see how gorgeous the sky was that evening without thinking it was thanks to Photoshop. Enjoy...

So as you can see, it was stunning! The skyline looked incredible and I was so envious of all the surfers in the water enjoying the last few minutes of daylight. I absolutely adored surfing and I can't even begin to think how lovely it must have felt to be out in the waves that evening. Its no wonder that I am now set on living by the sea one day is it?

In this post I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses that I bought a few years ago in the summer sale in Warehouse. I've paired it with my vintage Levi's waistcoat, my Roxy flip-flops and my vintage sunglasses from Flip in Newcastle. Dead simple I know but as I've said I adore it and feel so comfortably myself in it that I don't care if I wear it to death.

The song this post is named after is one that I have adored since the very first time I heard it. When All Time Low brought out their new album, Future Hearts, this year there was one song that stood out for me even though they were all fantastic. Cinderblock Garden sounds like a strange title but I swear it is one of the most romantic and beautiful songs I've ever heard. I still find myself singing it randomly throughout the day and after I discovered an even more beautiful acoustic version that was it, I was completely obsessed. Please go listen to either the original or the acoustic version (they're both on Youtube) as I need more people to share my love of this song, its too heavenly.

So, I hope you enjoyed these pictures and if you aren't now dying to go to Cornwall I'm not sure you're sane, please consult an expert. As always there's more coming soon so don't go away. I hope you're all doing well.


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