Thursday, 1 January 2015

A Romantic Calamity

Hello everyone! welcome to my new blog; A Romantic Calamity. A few of you may know of my last blog, A Freak Of Fashion, which is still accessible so if you'd like to go have a nosey at that one here's the link:

So, I feel I have some explaining to do...

A year ago, just after completing my first semester of university, I started a blog which I am incredibly proud of. Over the past few years I've started and deleted more blogs than I'd like to admit to. I'd always create them and then never have the courage or the patience to pursue them so they were inevitably deleted. A Freak Of Fashion was my first serious blog that I wanted to take responsibility for, where I published content I was actually proud of. Even though I like that blog and I'm happy with the content that's on there, a year later I feel I now need to move on.

We all change, we all mature. In the last few years I've been trying desperately to work out everything about me. I think now at the age of 19 I'm finally getting to where I want to be and I know whats important to me. Its also become apparent to me recently how little it matters what other people think of me, if I like something then who can tell me not to do so. I'm starting to realise that in certain respects, its good to be selfish and think of whats best for you, what will make you happy. So, the reason for the new blog...

I think I'm finally ready to be myself and I want to express that on here. I've decided to stop caring what others might think of me and just do things for me and not because its what people expect me to do. Thats why I wanted to leave A Freak Of Fashion, I like it but I feel I'm not on the same level as I was a year ago when I started it, I'm better now.

This is going to be primarily a fashion blog, its what I'm studying at university and the industry I want to have a career in when I leave and so its a part of me I need to improve, thats what this is for. On A Romantic Calamity I want to show the things that inspire me and the goals I want to achieve. I don't want to list the types of posts I'll publish on here because in truth I don't know what they'll be, this will be as much of a surprise to you as it will be to me.

Having said that, fashion is not the only thing I will post about. Although I've always wanted to go into fashion there are many other things that I have discovered are equally important and inspiring to me. My next love is music, it is the thing I am most obsessed with. Rock/punk is my favourite genre however I do love indie, rock n roll  a tad of country, and the odd pop guilty pleasure. I love to express my every emotion through music and I'm always plugged into my iPod so music will almost definitely be featured on here.

The same with photography, I adore photographs. I love taking my camera out and capturing every image I can. Some of my photographs I'm really proud of and I love playing around on Photoshop so expect to see stills from any adventures I have on here too. And as a word of warning, I am guilty of taking a million of photographs when one will do so don't expect any short photography posts on here.

So this is me, I'm finally ready to be honest and just do and wear what I want because who is anyone to tell me I can't? If you like what you see follow me and watch the tale unfold, I'll be posting as regularly as I can.

I hope you enjoy the blog!


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