Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Portobello Road With Hannah

Hello my darlings! Where have I been?!

I admit I have been incredibly lazy when it has comes to blogging recently, I sincerely apologise. I can't believe its been three weeks since I last blogged! In my defence I was away on holiday last week but now I'm back and armed with lots of lovely photographs to share with you all! Be warned, there are A LOT of photos...(like seriously there's loads!).

Today however I am sharing some images with you all that I took what feels like forever ago when I was in London on placement at Pentland Brands. I can't believe its taken me so long to finally blog about this but whilst I was in London, on Hannah's last day we decided to take a trip down to Notting Hill to browse the riches of the Portobello Road market...

It was a gloriously sunny day and if the colour is off in a few of these pictures then I am sorry, I have tried to rectify it I promise! But we had an absolutely splendid morning searching amongst the stalls for vintage jewellery, books and movie stills of Audrey Hepburn (its me what else were you expecting?!).  I love the Portobello Road market as its just filled with such variety, its one of my favourite areas of London and in these pictures you'll hopefully see why! Enjoy!

This house = life goal

The same for this car...

Is this shop in the film Paddington? I've only seen it once so I'm not sure if I recognise it because of that or if I'm going insane! Please let me know!

These buskers were brilliant, they were called Robbie Boyd and had an album for sale. They got the whole crowd singing along it was so lovely to listen to!

An annoyingly out of focus selfie...

I asked Hannah to take some pictures of me wandering through the market but trust that I should hand over my camera the second that I spot a second-hand camera stall! I eagerly ran over to it (can you really say you're surprised?) and so here are some pictures of me drooling over beautiful cameras that I can't afford...

More life goals...

And then I had a nerd-out...

As some of you may know, I am huge book lover. George Orwell is the fantastic author of some of the most brilliant politically cultural books of the last century. I've only read two of his books, 1984 and Animal Farm, but I thoroughly enjoyed them both. My Dad is also a huge Orwell lover and even though he and I walked down Portobello Road last summer and both grew excited when we spotted his house, it in no way stopped me from having another little geek-out this time round!

So as you can see Hannah and I had a lovely morning; Hannah bought some jewellery and I bought a stunning hardback copy of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen which was printed in 1946. It has quickly become one of my favourite things ever!

We then headed back to Notting Hill Gate station where I hugged goodbye to Hannah as it was the last time I was going to see her for a while and she was heading home that afternoon. We had some lovely little explorations of London together though and it was so nice to be able to share our interning stories with each other as we lived through them.

So that concludes my London pictures I have for you, finally! I'm so sorry it took me so long to get them online but I promise I won't be as slow with the ones from Cornwall. I'm going to apologise in advance for the sheer quantity of them as there are loads and it will seem as if I'm going on about a weeks holiday forever!

Anyway enough blabbering, I hope you all enjoyed this post and I shall see you all very soon.


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